8 Reasons Why Stress Egg Exercises Are Important

1. Tension Release

Even at an advanced age, seniors will be able to squeeze a soft stress egg. By tightening your fist around the egg, you get to stretch the flexor, abductor, and the muscles are stretched and activated as they tense up. When the stress egg is released, all these muscles relax, and tension is released in the process.Any pressure built-up over the years, especially if one led an inactive life, is released and you will begin to feel better.

2. Nerve Stimulation

If you are experiencing tingling sensations, pain, weakness, and numbness in your hands and forearms, then a stress egg is the solution. These are characteristics of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is manageable through simple hand and wrist exercises.The median nerve is stimulated by pressing the egg. The nerves are connected to your brain, the CNS, meaning that stimulation of the nerves at the extremities sends these activation impulses to the brain improving mobility.

3. Improves Muscle Strength

Stress eggs are effective in lowering the risk associated with pressure injuries, which for instance, tones muscles. People often assume that exercises increase the volume of muscles directly.What happens is that the activities enhance movement in muscles that result in the production of more nuclei. More muscle cells lead to better and bigger muscles seen through the toned muscles. Your susceptibility to injuries is decreased with the exercises.There is also improved wrist strength when the egg is squeezed as well as finger strength through stress egg pinching activities. Twisting exercises have been shown to enhance the hand's strength. Because of these benefits on muscles and healing, the stress eggs are used for physical therapy.

4. Improved Blood Circulation

The importance of exercises in improving blood circulation is mentioned in several articles. This is because of the correlation of blood flow and physical activity with good health.Active brains and muscles result from exercises that increase blood flow supplying sufficient nutrients to the cells and in the process enhancing mental and physical activity.

5. Treatment of Hand Conditions

Many diseases plague old age. Rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are common ailments affecting the elderly. Stress Egg exercises are effective in preventing fast loss of mobility on the hands by stretching the hand muscles. Active muscles and cells are also able to fight inflammation while the Eggs can control the progression of arthritis etc.Management of stiff arthritic hands by making fists with the squeeze eggs increases the flexibility of the hands, giving patients better days.

6. Attention and Focus

Occupied hands and mindful squeezing aids in directing attention to one thought or activity. When attention deficit is high the stress egg can help in keeping stress at bay, by making life more comfortable.

7. Management of Alzheimer's

It is being advised to keep patients with Alzheimer's busy and comfortable. Besides keeping constant reminders of images and items they love around the house, you may also consider buying a stress egg that will enhance their senses.

8. Mood Enhancement

Even if you retire happily, you will still face stresses that will put you down. An effective way of boosting mood is by squeezing a stress egg. The squeezing is associated with feelings of happiness because of the release of endorphins and pain relieving neurochemicals.

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✔USED IN A VARIETY OF WAYS: Used at home, in the office, in the classrooms, they're great for teachers, counselors, students. Even used by fitness enthusiast and many others. Also for those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These eggs help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety and can increase focus and attention. Easy to clean.


Top 9 Stress Egg Uses


Perfect for hand strengthening exercises and hand rehabilitation. One By One

Carpal Tunnel

Pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in the fingers or hand caused by Carpal Tunnel could be managed by squeezing or doing rolling exercises using a Stress Egg Finger Bend

Stress Reduction

Stress Eggs are perfect for relieving stress. They provide a receptive muscle action to help relieve tension. Wrist Down Power Grip

Muscle Memory

Stress Eggs help musicians and others who regularly use their hands and fingers. You can exercise with the goal of developing muscle memory for repetitive actions. Grab

Stroke Recovery

Use Stress Eggs to help improve fine motor skills. This can be especially helpful for stroke victims. Extended Out


One of the downsides of arthritis in your hands is not being able to properly grip objects at times. The Finger Bend exercise will not only help relieve pain in your joints, but it can help strengthen your grip and relieve stress as well. This move can be easily executed by using the stress egg and squeezing it 10 times, making sure to hold each squeeze for a few seconds.

Improve Circulation

Repetitive squeezing of a Stress Egg can help with improving blood circulation in the hand while improving flexibility and strength.

Finger Strength

Strengthening and dexterity exercises with a Stress Egg can be done for individual fingers or hand.

Grip Strength

A Stress Egg can help with grip strength and forearm toning. Finger Bend

Are Stress Relief Eggs good for Arthritic hands? (Click for customer answers..)

Answer: I am not a physician, but I have found that my hands are not as stiff and maybe even a little stronger when I use these.- TL


Answer: I have not used these personally as I bought these for my 81 year old aunt. She was having difficulty with her hand strength and minor hand tremor, due to Osteoarthritis. The size was perfect for her smaller hands and the variable resistance allowed her to incrementally increase resistance. I have observed improvement in flexibility, strength and steadiness since she started using the eggs.– KD


Answer: Absolutely. My mother could not move her hand and after a few hours they became much less tight...movable. Much of her strength has returned. I purchased them hoping they would help her some but they have helped her tremendously. Great buy. - VM


As a few people above have mentioned, our hand exercise eggs seem to be great for arthritis. They build hand strength at a healthy pace while helping with discomfort.

Remember, it is always a good idea to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program for rehabilitation purposes